Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: Shane and Trey

Shane and Trey by Anyta Sunday

published 22 January 2012

Shane sort of outs himself as being gay during a moment of summer fun at the pool. His twin sister is supportive, her boyfriend looks repulsed and his best friend leaves...forever. The next thing he knows, Shane is going to room with Trey, his sister's boyfriend, in the college dorm. He is attracted to yet afraid of Trey. There was an incident a few years prior that involved Trey and Shane and has always been humiliating and hurtful to Shane. To say he is uncomfortable with the living arrangement would be an understatement. Shane finds his attraction becoming stronger towards Trey and is definitely getting mixed signals from Trey himself.

There is a slow build to a relationship between Shane and Trey. They are mindful of the people around them as they start to pursue their relationship...namely Shane's sister and Trey's former girlfriend June. Once they start to come together, their relationship is very intense and sweet...everything we'd expect in first/young love. Their relationship just flows beautifully and pulls the reader into their story.

Anyta Sunday does a great job portraying family dysfunction in three family sets. All have issues and struggles, some minor some major. They all have fears and insecurities but also support. I also like that she addresses a serious issue of HIV/AIDS with one secondary character. That this is an issue that some young adults have to face in our society and it should not to hushed or a blind eye turned.

I found all the characters to be likable and endearing which doesn't always happen. Even some of the secondary characters became favorites, like Sydney and Lucas.

Give indie authors a chance, you could be missing out on a really good read if you wait for the publishers to decide everything for you. 4STARS!!

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