Friday, March 23, 2012

Review: Angelfire

Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ellie has nightmares of fighting strange creatures. As it turns out Ellie is a reincarnated soul that battles demons. When she dies in one life she is reborn in new one. She is allowed to come to the age of 17 where she should “reawaken” and remember her purpose as well as her previous lives.

Ellie was away longer than usual before being born. She also isn’t reawakening. Her “guardian angel” Will, is able to “wake her up”, but her memory of previous lives is very slow to return…as are her demon hunting killing skills. Ellie is also fighting her purpose…after so many human lives she is reticent to give up her humanity to fight demons full time. Then, there are the feelings she is developing for Will. UGH! Why does life have to be so hard?

I’ve had this book since it came out and for the life of me I can’t figure out what took me so long to read it! It’s one of those “sit down and hold on” roller coaster rides that I read in one glorious sitting. Lots of action (demon killing), lots of unrequited love, and lots of new angel mythology.

I loved the idea of Ellie being reincarnated and allowed to come of age before her past was reawakened in her. What a neat concept. It reminded me of “Incarnate” by Jodi Meadows, except that Jodi’s characters remembered their previous lives from birth. I also can appreciate a strong female lead character, even though Ellie is so torn between her human side and her “purpose”. I think she tries to do a good job of balancing, even though some people around her think her human side is a weakness.

Then there is Will and his being bound to protect and serve Ellie even when he totally disagrees with her choices. He manages to compromise and create balance as well. And it’s that balance that allows them to work so well together. But then after working together for like 600 years, I would think they would have the whole thing down pat.

I look forward to see where Moulton goes with the next installment. Still lots of questions about why Ellie took so long to reincarnate and she still isn’t remembering everything. Also…what do the demons have planned and what the hell is up with Ellie’s Dad?!?!?

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