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Review: Half-Blood

Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hematois are the offspring of Gods and Mortals, they are also known as “pure”. They are stronger than humans and usually have control over one or two of the elements. Half-bloods are the offspring of Hematoi and Humans. While they are stronger, faster and live longer than humans, they are the slaves and guards of the Hematoi. Oh, and if you are a half, don’t even THINK of mixing, in any way, with a Pure…you will pay the price.

Alex is a half. She and her pure mother left the Hematoi compound three years ago. Alex doesn’t know why they ran away, she’s just trying to be a “normal” kid. That is until one morning when she discovers her mother being drained by a daimon. Daimons are like Hematoi vampires…they live to drain the life force from pures. Alex is able to get away and ultimately winds up back at the compound she and her Mom escaped from. With her limited choices, she hopes to rejoin her class and continue guardian training only she is way behind. Aiden is willing to help her catch up and along the way she discovers what it was her mother ran away from. Alex’s world is about to crash in all around her and the question is is she strong enough to survive it?

As much as I enjoyed this story, and I did, all I could think of was Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy. This story’s “big picture” mirrored Mead’s. Granted it was demi-Gods vs. Vampires, but the social hierarchy was basically the same. Alex and Aiden vs. Rose and Dimitri…really, really close storyline. The difference came with Apollyon. The Apollyon is a half born every generation that is stronger than a pure, can command all the elements, unlike a pure, and is basically a check and balance to keep the pures from getting too big for their britches. Only in Alex’s generation there are two Apollyons and that only happened one other time in recorded history and it didn’t end well.

I enjoy Jen Armentrout’s writing immensely. And I’m sorry for all the Vampire Academy comparisons. To be fair, if I’d read Half-Blood first, I would be comparing VA to it. I didn’t enjoy Half-Blood as much as I hoped I would…BUT, I think now that the backstory is established I am very anxious to read the next book in this series and revisit these characters. I really want to see what the Alex/Seth dynamic ends up being. In closing I do highly recommend this Covenant series, just be aware that the story may seem a bit familiar, but it’s a good read nonetheless.

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