Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: Buried: A Goth Girl Mystery

Buried: A Goth Girl Mystery
Buried: A Goth Girl Mystery by Linda Joy Singleton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thorn (nee Beth Ann) is a recent transplant to Nevada Bluff. She comes from a family of six kids where her Mom is a minister and her Dad is looking for work. Thorn is a goth (which her Dad just hates), and she is a “finder”. She is drawn to objects and when she touches them she gets psychic visions from them. Which is what happens at school one day.

Thorn finds a gold locket on a shoelace and it transports her to a remote area. With the help of another psychic friend she finds the remote area and what appears to be the skeleton of a baby. So who’s locket is it? Whose baby is it? How did the baby die? All these mysteries and many more, like the “grin reaper” are addressed in “Buried”.

This was my first Linda Joy Singleton book. I’ve had my eye on her Seer series for a while, but just haven’t had a chance to read it yet. After “Buried”, it’s moved up on my “to-read” list. This was a fun, fast read, one whose ending I didn’t totally see coming which was nice. So many mysteries out there you can predict the outcome in the first few chapters, and while I was on the right path, Singleton was able to slip in another option that hadn’t occurred to me. Singleton’s writing is the right amount of description and dialog and her dialog is sharp and witty. Just what I enjoy most!

I liked Thorn a lot. She was smart and snarky! For all her Goth looks, she isn’t Goth inside. She’s just a normal girl from a big family trying to find her way. I loved that her minister mother was so accepting of her, even when they did miscommunicate. And I was frustrated with her Dad for seeing her at only face value. I would have loved to know more about KC, Rune and Amerie. I’m hoping there will be more Goth Girl Mysteries and I can get to know them better…but mostly I want to see if something will develop between Thorn and Jay. I definitely loved Jay and want to see more of him.

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