Thursday, March 8, 2012

Found this on Twitter

Found the above via twitter. It's a reading test. It has you read a short piece of writing then asks you 3 questions on it to verify you did read it. Then it shows you your number of words per minute. How long it would take you to read War and Peace, how you rate against the national average and other interesting tidbits. Click above to take the test and share your speed in the comments...I'm curious to see the speeds of other voracious readers, such as yourself.

Oops...almost forgot to post my results.

472 words per minute which is 89% faster than the national average
War and Peace would take 20 hours and 44 minutes to read at that pace and the whole Bible in 27hours 28minutes
I should be able to average 1.7 books between Kindle Fire recharges

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KristyZ said...

My stats were pathetic! I knew I was a slower reader than you, now I know just how much slower! My word count 274 that is 1% slower than the average. BUT, I got all the question right the first time. :)

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