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Review: Original Sin

Original Sin
Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy Fricken Plot Twists Batman! I’m still reeling from this one!

All seems to be going well with Luc and Frannie. Gabe has left and Matt is watching her. Luc is doing well as a human…that is until the demons start looking for him to drag his butt back to Hell to stand trial. But he’s human and tagged for Heaven so they are out of luck, right?

Meanwhile Luc has a new neighbor, Lili…a young girl who is struggling to make ends meet, that will be starting at State in the fall. Frannie, befriends her, of course, and introduces her to Taylor and Rylee who will be going to State as well. All is going great until Matt sees Lili and decides to befriend her. Their burdgeoning friendship leaves periods of time when Frannie is Guardian Angel-less…not good! While all this is going on Taylor meets a new guy. And she is obsessed with him…which leads to another whole set of problems. Plus, there is something not quite right about Lili.

OK…there is so much going on here I just don’t know where to start. I do have to say that Lisa Desrochers style is such that the beginnings start out kind of slowly. It’s almost like you are lulled into belief that everything is cool, kosher and copacetic…then she starts dropping bombshells. First a couple, then a little while later, a few more, then it’s “run for cover” time, but she’s already taken out anything that might have been “cover” and these bombshells are just raining down on you. I had to put the book down a few times and wait for my heart to slow down.

There are times I feel the need to yell at Frannie…no, I am not normally one of those people who yell at the actors in the movie theatre, but sometimes I don’t think Frannie hears what is being said. Case in point…Luc makes what looks like an error in judgement…but he was tricked into it. People tell Frannie he was tricked into it, but she doesn’t acknowledge it. She falls for the same trick and acknowledges “that must have been what happened to Luc”. But does she pick up the phone and call Luc and let him off the hook…NO! This is when I yell at her!

I’m still on “Team Luc”…he is such a good guy. He makes mistakes, owns up to them, reflects on them, learns from them. Oh and the stuff he says to Frannie! Case in point…

“I’ve never said it,” he says, his voice low in my ear, “because it’s not enough…those words.”
I flip the last deadbolt and reach for the door handle before I process what he said. I stop and press my forehead into the door, trying to think, to breathe.
He spins me, and his hand cups my face as he gazes down into my eyes. “God, I love you.” His eyes glisten. “I love you with everything that I am.”

SWOON!!!! Hello, I’m melting here!

I really can’t wait to find out what happens in the last book! But I’m not a patient person! I’ll be rooting for Luc though! *dons Team Luc t-shirt*

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