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Review: The Marked Son

The Marked Son
The Marked Son by Shea Berkley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Poor Dylan…he has a total flake for a Mom and she has just ditched him with Grandparents he didn’t know existed until he and his Mom pulled up to their farm this morning. Nothing left to do but to try and make the best of a bad situation.

Dylan starts out helping his grandfather on the sheep farm but strange things start to happen, including seeing a ghost. A ghost that has haunted his dreams for as long as he can remember. Only it turns out she’s not a ghost…she is a “first” named Kera, and she has managed to cross over from her dimension into Dylan’s. But with Kera’s crossing, other creatures have managed to slip through wrecking havoc…a havoc that has it’s start in Teag, and shows no signs of stopping.

“Marked Son” was an adventure. Right away you have such strong sympathy for the life Dylan has lived with his Mom. Dylan is jaded, he’s always felt unloved and uncared for…I wanted to bundle him up and show him how life should be for a kid. But, thankfully his Grandmother, does it for me. I loved how Shea depicted his grandparents…Grandma immediately loving and sympathetic, Grandpa a bit rough and inadvertently taking his frustrations with his daughter out on his grandson.

The world of Teag, at first, seemed to share a lot of similarities with the world of Faerie, but those similarities turned out to be very superficial. Shea has created a new world with some of the same discriminations and prejudices that humans face every day…with a bit of magic thrown in to make it exciting. This was a very relatable story for everyone to enjoy.

In poking around on Goodreads I did find a comment the author made that indicated that there would be a second book. The “Marked Son” was a complete story on it’s own, but I am excited to see that the author will be continuing the story. There was definitely more area for her to expound on. Here is hoping I can be patient while waiting to see what happens next.

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