Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: Blood

Blood by K.J. Wignall

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s the thirteenth century and Will was destined to be the Earl of Mercia…but, the same night seven supposed witches were burned at the stake, something or someone bit him. He woke up years later in his coffin. Will manages to work his way out of the coffin and finds a cavern that appears to be created as a home for him. He doesn’t know what has happened. Through trial and error he discovers his thirst for human blood and other new powers.

Will goes through wakeful and sleeping cycles throughout the next 750 years. Only this time, things “feel” different. As if whatever possible fate he was created for is going down right now. Will’s first night upon waking he sees a girl, Eloise, and he knows she is going to be integral to whatever it is that waits for him. Together they journey to discover what Will’s fate may be.

This felt like a much more traditional, gothic-like, vampire story. Will doesn’t succumb to all the typical vampire stereotypes, but it still seemed more true to “Dracula”, than most of the vampire stories out on the market.

I got sucked into the story (pun intended), very quickly, and loved all the mystery. There was so much going on. Lots of people/creatures that all play a significant part. Nothing is gratuitous. If the author introduces you to something/one, it will reappear at a later time…little nuggets that come back to make you think later. Something I really enjoyed enjoyed about the author’s writing style, I also liked the way he set up the story…it was very thoughtful, multi-layered, and I just really liked the way Wignall revealed the elements of the story.

Not all of the mysteries were solved, I believe this is a planned trilogy. And while I really wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy the story, I did, and am anxious to see who some of the mystery characters turn out to be.

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