Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: The Eternal Ones

The Eternal Ones
The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What if…you remembered every one of your previous lives, since time began? What if in every one of those previous lives you knew your soulmate was out there. What if you believed that soul mate killed you in your last life, and he was suspected of murder in this one?

These are the questions Haven deals with in “The Eternal Ones”. Periodically she is drawn into a vision from her most previous life. During these visions she sees her soul mate, Ethan. It’s not until she sees a gossip show on TV that she realizes that New York “bad boy”, Iain Murrow, is the reincarnation of Ethan…and he’s also the prime suspect in the disappearance of a famous musician. What’s a girl to do? Why, investigate, of course.

I fell in love with The Eternal Ones! I got pulled right in and the world Ms. Miller created was so warm and homey…I didn’t want it to end. The story moved very deliberately…I was going to say slowly, but, that sounds like a bad thing. In this case, Ms. Miller was providing so much story and atmosphere to languidly peel back the many, many layers of this story…it was like wearing a comfortable robe with a pot of tea on hand.

My only complaint was the way Haven treated her best friend, Beau. She, at times, treated him like a slave which got to be a bit much. Beau put up with more crap from Haven than I think anyone would/could. I also wished Haven’s Mom had more of a backbone…she was frustrating.

I thought that Ms. Miller did a fantastic job of creating that small Southern town with all the stereotypes…anyone different is touched by the devil, the one gay guy in town is going to Hell, there is another group on the outskirts of town that have a cultish-like religion of their own creation. Ms. Miller’s depictions of the various characters were well thought out and moved me to many emotions. I especially loved the paintings by the up-coming artist and that little twist to them.

Personally I am intrigued by reincarnation and the possibility that I would run into and fall in love with the same “person” over many lifetimes, while romanticized, is appealing. I think I could do a lot worse than be with my loving hubby over many lifetimes! I found this book extremely hopeful! And hope is always a good thing to have!

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