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Review: Fury

Fury by Elizabeth Miles

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars!

It’s Winter Break in Ascension, Maine. At a party, classmates Emily and Chase, find out that another classmate, Sasha, has attempted suicide earlier in the evening. Both Emily and Chase are deeply affected by this. So starts “Fury”, told from Emily’s and Chase’s alternating viewpoints.

Emily is a girl crushing on her BFF’s boyfriend, Zach. While her BFF is away Emily makes a play for Zach…not a nice thing to do! Meanwhile, on the wrong side of the tracks, Chase is doing everything he can to be accepted by the wealthier, popular kids…and makes a few bad choices.
What Emily and Chase don’t know is that they have been chosen and Karma is a bitch, or three.

I didn’t know anything about “Fury” going into it. I’d seen the cover and heard some very vague, very positive comments, so I was anxious to dig into it. Right away I was perplexed. Usually the main character(s) are above reproach…not so here. Immediately Emily is pining for Zach and he seems to be encouraging it, and Chase is talking about how good he felt when his Dad died…even if the Dad was a monster, Chases feelings about it just felt weird the way the author presented it. It was one of those stories I will be thinking about for days after finishing it.

The story did have a Lois Duncan, “Summer of Fear” kind of vibe to it. I knew something bad was going to happen I just didn’t know what, whom, or why…yet! Which made “Fury” very hard to put down. Most of the characters are not terribly likeable, but then this couldn’t be a story about the Fates if they were. I was surprised that we didn’t see more of Ty, Ali, and Meg in the second half of the books…maybe it was more suspenseful just waiting for them to show up? The ending and “2 Weeks Later” were really surprising. I will be anxious to read what happens next.

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