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Review: Illusions

Illusions by Aprilynne Pike

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In this, the third installment, of the “Wings” series by Aprilynne Pike, we pick up about 6 months after the last book ended. Laurel has spent a good portion of the Summer back in Avalon working on Fall faerie skills and hasn’t seen Tamani since the end of the last book when she told him she was choosing David and Tamani needed to leave her alone, she didn’t want to see him.

First day of David and Laurels Senior year in high school and who should be one of two new “foreign exchange” students, but Tam, aka Tamani. No warning, no explanation, no nothing. In addition to Tam, there is Yuki, a Japanese foreign exchange student who happens to be sponsored by Klea of the “human troll hunting group” we were introduced to in “Spells” (book 2)…Hmmm, something is starting to smell fishy! Trolls still abound in “Illusions”, BUT, they are not responding to the usual faerie defenses…nothing is slowing them down. What’s a faerie and her guardian to do?

I really enjoyed “Illusions”! It’s my favorite of the three books thus far. Ms. Pike says there will be one more, final, book. Sure as heck better be with the cliff she left us hanging on.

Laurel continues to mature, getting better at her “mixing” skills but also realizing she doesn’t need a guy, or two, to complete her. Which really adds to the romantic triangle tension!! I’ve enjoyed watching/reading Laurel grow up and mature. I also appreciate how David and Tam are written as they do a great job of pointing out the pros and cons of whatever situation comes up. They balance each other really well.

Lots of great mystery and intrigue in this story. The kids start to get the impression that something isn’t right with Yuki, and Laurel has never trusted Klea! It was fun to watch everyone working together, the opportunities for witty dialog and some snark (Chelsea!) were laugh out loud funny at times. This really was the best book of the series. Can’t wait to see the resolution to the cliff hanger in the next book. Please hurry Ms. Pike!!!

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