Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Book of Love

Book of Love
Book of Love by Abra Ebner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A Character driven book, the story telling shifts between 5 major characters:
Jane – Watched her father die at the age of 7. Actually she was saved by an Angel and has become sheol. She sees how people die.
Emily – Jane’s 16 year old goth sister who is clairvoyant and takes drugs to keep from hearing everyone’s thoughts.
Wes – Neighbor and best friends with Jane but wants to be so much more. Emily is in love with him.
Max – Guardian Angel to Emily and believes he is her soulmate.
Greg – Max’s twin brother and a dark angel hellbent on hurting Max any way he can.

Basically Jane and Max are the main characters and the others are supporting. I have to say that I HATE JANE! She is so sniveling, put-upon and self-absorbed, it’s a wonder she can function. I did love the story (minus Jane) and the mythology Ebner created…Jane’s whining and pouting was just such a huge distraction. If it were up to me I would love to have seen Emily and Wes as the main characters. I purchased this and the sequel at the same time. Here’s hoping Jane pulls her head out of her arse in the next installment.

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