Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Intertwined

Intertwined by Gena Showalter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Poor Aden, aka Haden, he’s been treated for Schizophrenia pretty much his whole life. He’s not Schizophrenic, he actually does have 4 separate souls living inside him, in addition to his own. It’s the talking to them that gets him into trouble…well that and the abilities each of the other souls has. One is able to raise the dead, one allows Aden to take possession of other bodies, one transports him into the past, and the last on is able to foretell someone’s death.

Aden is in a new group home in a new town when he meets Mary Ann. When he is around Mary Ann, the other voices in his head are eerily silent, give Aden a sense of peace he has never experienced. Aden and Mary Ann forge a fast and lasting friendship, a first for Aden. On their journey to figure out how to get the other souls out of Aden, they run into danger and supernatural creatures that all want Aden for themselves.

OK, gotta say I’ve read and enjoyed Gena Showalter’s books in the past…but no where near as much as I enjoyed Intertwined! Her previous books have been very straightforward…where Intertwined is so much more detailed and rich! It’s a character driven story with multiple plots that all converge seamlessly.

Aden is very different from other Supernatural protagonists, he’s very normal but for the fact that he has 5 souls instead of the usual 1. Any and all unusual abilities come from the additional souls…but having those additional souls has left this poor kid completely tortured mentally and emotionally. It’s a wonder he hasn’t walked in front of a city bus. You can’t help but root for the poor kid.

Then there is Mary Ann who is inexplicably drawn to Aden, but not in a romantic way, more like a long-lost friend. She is a problem solver and a future Psychiatrist who empathizes with what Aden must have gone through in his life.

Such a well written, richly detailed world Showalter has created. I’m off to the Bismarck Library in hopes that the next book in this series is still available for me to check out.

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