Sunday, August 28, 2011

Next Up: The Dark Glamour (666 Park Ave #2) by Gabriella Pierce

OH...This is one I've been waiting for! Here is the synopsis from GoodReads:
Jane Boyle married her prince charming and moved into his upper east side castle—but she didn’t get her fairy-tale ending
It’s hard to live happily ever after when you discover your demanding and controlling mother-in-law is literally a witch, determined to steal the magical powers you didn’t even know you had. Jane narrowly avoided Lynne Doran’s clutches when she escaped on her wedding day, and has been hiding out in New York City. But she can’t hide forever.
When Jane learns of the one thing Lynne wants most, she sets out to provide it, hoping her good turn will persuade her mother-in-law to stop hunting her. Unfortunately, Jane’s daring plan will send her right back into the witches’ den—the Doran clan’s multistory town house on Park Avenue. But thanks to a tricky spell, blond architect Jane will be transformed into Ella, a dark beauty with a whole new look . . . and all of Jane’s budding powers. Though the stakes are life or death, nobody said “Ella” couldn’t have a little fun along the way, too.


ms. caboo said...

I just started reading this, thanks to Netgalley. Loved the first one!

Pam Steinke aka Novel Goddess said...

I really enjoyed the last one too...this one seems so much slower though. I'm only 40% done and it's taken me 2 days to get there

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