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Review: The Eternal Ones: All You Desire

The Eternal Ones: All You Desire
The Eternal Ones: All You Desire by Kirsten Miller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In “All You Desire” we pick up about a year after “The Eternals” ended. Iain and Haven have been living in Italy and have had a blissful existence until Haven gets a coded message from her BFF Beau that indicates he’s in trouble.

Iain and Haven head back to NYC, Beau’s last known whereabouts to try and find him. Haven is contacted by a group called the Horae who will do everything in their power to find Beau provided Haven will do something for them in return. What the Horae want is for Haven to lure Adam into a trap where they will lock him away, hopefully, for eternity. But it involves convincing Adam that Haven is in love with him…which Haven finds easier to do than she ever would have thought.

I found “All You Desire” just as hard to put down as the first book. I was anxious to learn what happened to Beau, and Miller tosses you just little tidbits to keep you coming back for more. My initial suspicions were right, but I did change my mind many times before I knew for sure what was going on. I will say that I didn’t suspect the epilogue, although in retrospect I should have. D’oh! I can’t wait to see where that takes us!

I was a bit frustrated with Haven in that she believes just about everything everyone tells her at face value. Although in this book she did take the initiative and research a few things on her own. But she is constantly in the midst of understandings…is it naivete or stupidity, I’m not sure. And even after everything she and Iain have gone through, she still doesn’t trust him! UGH!

I did enjoy getting to see a softer gentler side of Adam. I was falling for him right alongside Haven and agreed with her decision about wanting to be with someone who does right even when no one is looking…swoon. I wouldn’t have been heartbroken having two hunky men, who could give me all my heart desires, fighting over me! LOL! I did miss Beau in this installment! He’s comedic talents were missed!

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