Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos
Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Warning: You will need a box of Kleenex as you read this book!

Typical of Caster Chronicle books...there is a moon "song" running throughout. "18 Moon" is the prophecy of Beautiful Chaos. While everyone is running around trying to figure out who is what, we learn a lot of backstory.

We learn the story of Sarafine, from her claiming through the fire that nearly killed Lena as an infant. We learn more about Abraham and Silas and where John Breed fits into the story. There is a lot going on with Aunt Marian because of what Olivia did in the second book. We have comic relief provided by the Lincubus. Most disturbing for me was what was going on with Amma! I love Amma and her biting wit! But she is definitely not herself in this part of the story.

I am amazed at how Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl are able to create a story with such a unified voice...I would love to know how they do it.

I did find the story slow to start, but knew it would get better. And it did not disappoint. I didn't find the mystery of the 18 Moon as tough to figure out as our characters after certain bits of info was reveiled...but our heroes still fumbled around with it for quite a while longer.

Kami and Margaret if you are reading this I would love to see a short story about Liv and John!! Oh, and you suck for that ending! LOL, just kidding. But I, like the rest of your readers, will be waiting with baited breath for the next installment!

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