Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guest Post by Laurie Bowler

(Laurie is the author of some fantastic paranormal romance books. Check out Laurie's books on Amazon .Laurie can also be found on her website and here is a link to her Facebook Page.)

It’s been an amazing journey so far in the writing world. Paranormal beings are dominating
my life and my imagination, creating them is so much fun and intriguing.

There are so many reasons why I enjoy writing. At first it was only a hobby and something I
decided to do suddenly in November 2009, and now I have found myself developing further
with the plots and characters that I create.

Every day is a massive learning curve, reading reviews and hearing readers thoughts and
feelings teaches me many different aspects that |I could incorporate into my writing, and for
this I am grateful.

My writing career has been a continued and I have found myself becoming relentless with the
stories that I create. If anyone told me in 2009 that I would create 25 stories by 2011, with
10 others waiting to be edited I would have said they were exaggerating just a tiny bit, but I
have accomplished this and I am sincerely pleased with the progression of my stories and the
chance to be able to deliver them in different versions.

Although my stories are generally driven towards vampires, I have developed so many
different perspectives of them in my stories, intergrading the old traits and the newer more
modern style of a vampire into my stories.

Vampires are mysterious, strong and anything a writer desires them to be. This is most of
the fun when I write about them and create their worlds. There is nothing more exciting than
creating a different type of vampire that hasn’t been written before.

Over the years vampires have changed, an authors perspective on our favourite paranormal
species have developed and given a different take with every vampire novel that gets written.
Since the great Dracula was written, and I believe that Dracula is absolutely brilliant and
a complete original of our favourite paranormal species, we now have vampires that can
twinkle, use different powers and they also have the ability to fall in love.

Modern vampires are growing on me, and they are becoming somewhat gentle in the horror
genre, their skills and their abilities have grown and added a certain mystique to their already
mystical appearance through the conveyance of an author’s word. I believe modern vampires
have pulled away from the traditional traits a vampire has been known to do, such as
manipulation to an human in order to collect their prey to feed without much resistance, they
have been known to induct slaves to carry out their work in humans by creating hybrids by
that I mean a human who is stuck between our world and the world of the vampire, obeying
the vampires wishes and dirty deeds whenever he wishes.

I’m passionate when creating vampires, and my interest has grown with the paranormal
genre, I want to create a vampire race that is different to those already out there, and worlds
including new paranormal creatures (as seen in Depths of Darkness) that have either not been
heard off and are completely fictional, or they are legends and I have adapted their characters
to fit the theme of my stories.

My own vampires run between the modern take and the old traditional themes that we are
used too. Some of the older traits such as the ones Dracula was able to do have stuck with
me inside my vampire world. The vampires I write about do not fight werewolves as we
usually see in an authors perspective and they have been written many times, my vampires
fight a cat like creature, called a Gulon.

The Gulon is an extra added paranormal creature that has originated from a Scandinavian
legendary creature, when I first read about them I wanted to create them in a way so I adapted
their legend to fit with the vampire and paranormal theme, and then added something special
about them inside my books. The Gulons can be read in the Moon Rising series that currently
consists of 3 stories, Moon Rising, Sunrise to Sunset and finally the latest title Golden
Horizons, very soon I intend to create a series of stories purely on the Gulons, along with the
vampire in Moon Rising, the Gulons have been fascinating to create and adapt.

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