Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Swearing off Galleys...sort of

When I first started this blog, a year ago, I thought the be all and end all was getting galleys.  Getting access to an as yet unpublished work before the general public got it.  I can admit the power may have gone to my head...LOL!

But now I find I have become a "slave" to the galleys.  I get stressed out when I haven't read the galleys that have already been published. I see the pile of galleys I have committed to reading and get stressed out.  This whole reading and blogging this is supposed to be fun!

So I am going to go back to reading what I want to list is upwards of 1200 and I'll wait and get those "new" titles when they've been released to the general public, cuz God knows I am not lacking in reading material.

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