Friday, December 9, 2011

Review: TOUCH

TOUCH: A Denazen Novel

by Jus Accardo

published on 1 November 2011

Entangled Publishing

251 pages

Leaving a party late at night, a boy stumbles at Deznee's feet and her world is forever changed. The boy, Kale, is strange, different, damaged. When Dez takes him home (more to upset her father than out of the goodness of her heart) she discovers that nothing is as it seems. Her father is a ruthless head of Denazen, a company that uses people and their unique talents to fit their agenda, to include killing.

Dez has a strong rebellious streak, which makes her pliable and open to understand the world that Kale managed to escape from. Along the way, Kale learns what it is like to be free and under his own devices while Dez discovers her talent and who can and cannot be trusted. Together Dez and Kale set out to free the other Sixes at Denazen and protect Sixes yet to be taken in.

I felt that this book had a bit of an X-Men feel to it. Not to the point that it was a total knock-off and unoriginal, but just enough to make me really like the direction the book was heading in. The story is interesting, fast paced and the ending leaves us wondering what is coming next!

Great read and a superb start to the Denazen series. 4 STARS!!

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Ryann said...

Yay! Agreed! Loved this one, and Kale is such a hottie.

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