Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: My Soul to Keep

My Soul to Keep
My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holy Hannah!

So in this installment…Kaylee and Nash discover that one of their classmates is high on a new drug called “Frost”. But they know what it really is…Demon’s Breath. Friends are starting to use Frost and lose their ever-lovin minds! So Kaylee and Nash start investigating how their friends are getting it and how to cut off the supply chain.

OK…I have to say that this book started out pretty much like the second book. I can relate to Kaylee’s need to save the world! I would like to think that if I had the power to save someone…anyone…from some devastating event/situation/etc. I would do it. And Kaylee has that drive as well…and it can be to her total detriment. That said, I think if every installment of the series has the weight and well-being of the world on Kaylee’s shoulders, the series would get boring…FAST! And that’s where I thought we were headed with this book. BUT I WAS SO WRONG! Even though R.V. left clues, I like Kaylee didn’t see them! WOW!

I really like Nash, but to quote Kaylee, “Why are you being such a dick?”. He was at times. I thought it was a hormonal, He-Man, kinda thing and I was really getting irritated by him. But the reality was truly heartwrenching! And I thought R.V.’s writing in that area was superb!

Ultimately, I thought the last half of “My Soul to Keep”, was the best of the series thus far! Really worth the price of admission!

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