Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Between

Between by Jessica Warman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ooohhh! This was a very different mystery!

Elizabeth Valchar is the “IT” girl, “Queen Bee”, “Head Cheerleader”. She is also dead! While celebrating her 18th birthday with her group of friends on her family’s yacht, Elizabeth wakes up to find her body floating face down in the water, caught between the boat and dock. Not only is she a ghost, she also discovers she isn’t alone. Alex, a boy from school, who was killed in a hit and run, is there also. Alex and his friends were often victims of bullying from the popular kids, i.e. Elizabeth’s friends. Alex makes it clear from the beginning that he hates Liz and is pissed he’s stuck walking the Earth with her…But Alex also has a theory, he thinks that he and Liz have things they need to discover before they are able to move on. they reluctantly work together to solve the mystery of Liz’s and possibly Alex’s death.

I LOVED this book! When Liz and Alex become ghosts they don’t remember much of their life. So elements of story are told via memories. The memories are relived as the ghosts stand back and observe. Liz and Alex are also able to take each other into those memories…allowing each other to experience those key moments who made each person who they were. Alex coming from a poor, deeply religious family who is bullied at school…and Liz the daughter of a woman who died from anorexia, and the daughter of a man who married his old high school sweetheart very shortly after the Mom died. Liz and Alex were eventually able to let down their guards and really get to know one another. Redemption at its best!

We also witnessed the heart-wrenching aftermath that Liz’s family and friends experience after her death. And trust me when I say this was a book best read with tissues close by! But it was so worth it! I had so many ideas of where this story was ultimately going to go and I was so wrong in all my assumptions. This was a riveting story from beginning to heart-breaking end.

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