Friday, December 9, 2011

Review: Obsidian

Obsidian: A Lux Novel

by Jennifer L. Armentrout

published on 6 December 2011

Entangled Publishing

268 pages

From the first chapter I was hooked on this book. The rapport between Daemon and Katy was hilarious, witty, brash and totally real world. I felt like I was in the scene watching two teens hash it out! The dialog was believable throughout the whole book, which is something that I find to not be the case in a lot of young adult books. The kids either sound too old or too immature. Jennifer L. Armentrout hit the nail on the head with her dialog. Witty and interesting dialog is always good, but was the story good? YES! Daemon and his sister, Dee are Aliens from the planet Lux and are pretty much stuck on Earth. Their planet was ravished by the Arum who have followed the Luxen to Earth to devour their powers. The Department of Defense knows of them, keeps them under watch and basically lets them be because they do not know what powers the Luxen actually possess. It is important for the Luxen to remain anonymous to avoid DOD repercussions and to avoid death at the hands of an Arum.

Katy moves next door to Daemon and Dee, Luxen who want to keep their distance yet just cannot seem to. Instantly there is chemistry between Daemon and Katy but there is more hate than love in their relationship...if you can call it that! The strife is palpable and visible between them throughout the book. It is the intense feelings for each other that neither one wants to admit or give in to. Daemon is smoking hot and I just loved and hated him to the point of lust! Dee and Katy become close friends much to the disgust of Daemon. He fears Katy's closeness to Dee will ultimately cause him, Dee and the other Luxen harm.

Obsidian is a quick paced book with a good first glimpse into the alien world of the Luxen. There are some 'fight for your life' scenes and a lot of sharp conversation that made me want to inhale this book in one sitting-- putting off all other obligations while doing so!

Don't bother me, I'm reading Obsidian and pining for book two, Onyx. 4 stars!!

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Ryann said...

I agree with you! I just finished Obsidian too. It was really good and I loved the banter love/hate thing going on between Katy and Daemon.

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