Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: Providence

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nina meets Jared Ryel the evening following her father’s funeral. They both missed the last bus of the night and decide to share a cab back to Brown University. This is the beginning of several seemingly coincidental run-ins around Brown.

While Nina and Jared seem to click on every level, he pushes her away whenever they seem to be on the verge of progressing beyond friendship. She wonders why and finally finds out that he was hired by her father, before he death, to serve as her bodyguard.

But why would a 17 year old college freshman need a bodyguard?? Well, that’s where things start to get really interesting.

First of all I have to say that I love the setting of this book. I’ve been fortunate to spend time in Providence as well as a little time on the Brown campus. Talk about beautiful! I think I probably bought this book simply for it’s setting…but I read it for Jamie’s writing style.

Jamie McGuire sucked me in quicker than I could say “wait a sec”. Although the beginning of the story is heart-wrenching for the loss of Nina’s Dad, McGuire still manages to pique your interest by the quick introduction of Jared.

This story has a lot going on…romance, love triangle, mystery, intrigue, a bit of supernatural and it’s written in a way I found incredibly hard to put down! Hence the set of Samonite luggage taking up residence under each eye.

The characters are well developed and the many sub-plots enhance rather than detract from the story. I was excited to download the sequel, “Requiem” to see where McGuire would go next.

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