Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: Sisters Red

Sisters Red
Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Whose afraid of the big, bad, wolf? Certainly not Scarlett and Rosie. In this re-imagining of “Little Red Riding Hood”, Scarlet and Rosie are in the care of their grandmother, when a Fenris (werewolf) comes knocking on their sleepy little Southern door. Grandmother loses her life while protecting her girls, but the Fenris manages to take out one of Scarlett’s eyes and leave a ton of scars in it’s place. Scarlett has dedicated herself to stalking and killing Fenris, along with her sister Rosie, and her best friend and hunting partner, Silas.

This was a total revamp and updating of Red Riding Hood. Scarlett and Rosie are two sides of the same coin. Rosie feels tremendous guilt because Scarlett was injured protecting her. Scarlett still feels responsible for protecting Rosie even though she is a young adult and is equal to Scarlet in the task of hunting and taking out Fenris. Ultimately it’s their love of each other that keeps them going…that is until their hunt takes them away from home and into Atlanta, Georgia…where the Frenris are numerous and there are prettier girls than Scarlett to get their attention.

Great mystery aspects keep the story going at a brisk pace as the girls searches for the truth behind the Fenris, and hope for a way to stop them. This is really a richly told that left me gasping after the fights as though I had personally fought alongside Scarlett and Rosie.

This was my first Jackson Pearce book and I’m anxious to read more!

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ms. caboo said...

I saw this book in hardcover at my bookstore, and I think I will read it--thanks for the review. There are some great books out about Grimm's fairy tales in both teen and young reader. Diving in!

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