Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm
The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Did you know Imperial Russia and it’s Tsars were supernatural beings? I didn’t either. Duchess Katerina has inherited the ability to raise the dead. She’s ignored her “curse” most of her life, but It’s a skill that makes her a highly sought after individual. Meanwhile there is a malevolent presence lurking in the royal blood lines. Everyone wants Katerina...and the time has come for her to embrace her power and pick a side.

Loved, loved, loved this book. I’ve always been fascinated with Russia, it’s culture, it’s Tsars, and especially St. Petersburg! My parents has traveled extensively in St. Petersburg bringing back lots of pictures of the palaces mentioned in the book.

I loved how the author pulled the actual Tsar’s family from 1880’s history to build the story. It allows for my imagination to wander and wonder “what if”.

Katiya is a strong female character. Her heart is in the right place, even if her necromancing talents tend toward the darker side of things. She believes in the Tsar and her family and will do anything and everything to protect them, even if it means giving up her dreams. Grand Duke George believes in the same things even if he doubts Katiya at first. Crown Prince Danilo is a Royal Jerk! I had such high hopes for him! And I loved how Katiya’s Mom flits around coming down with fits of hysteria, and focuses on getting her daughter married off, while her Father, is a more progressive thinker who supports his daughter no matter what.

I am so glad this is going to be a series! I couldn’t put this book down! It was so satisfying in all it’s palace intrigue, supernatural happenings, romance, and history! I can not wait to see what Robin Bridges does next? Will Katiya get to follow her dreams? Will she put them off for the time being? What about the Montenegros? And Georgi? Can’t wait to read more!

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