Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: The Alchemy of Forever

The Alchemy of Forever
The Alchemy of Forever by Avery Williams

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This is a case of “Happily Ever After”, not really being so happily ever after. Seraphine and Cyrus have finally found each other and a tragic accident is about to separate them forever. But Cyrus, the Alchemist’s son, has found a formula that will allow Sera’s spirit to leave her body and inhabit the body of another. Only 600 years later, Sera isn’t so thrilled with how hers and Cyrus’ relationship has progressed and she’s looking for a way out.

This story had so much promise and it just didn’t deliver! Great start, learning about the incarnates and how they became incarnates. Really slow moving middle. Then just as everything starts to pick back up again, the story ends. I looked it up on GoodReads and it was only 250+ pages. Ok, this is where I have to say that I feel cheated. I will bet my weight in donuts (and that’s a lot of donuts, friends) that this author offered up a longer more complete story and the publishing company said, “Hey let’s turn this into a series. Let’s stop the first book here…and save the rest of it for the subsequent books”. Sorry but this one just didn’t whet my appetite enough to care about what happens in future books.

Enough said!

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