Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: Revealing Eden

Revealing Eden
Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Eden lives in the catacombs below Earth’s crust. It isn’t safe to live on the surface where the Sun’s rays kill. Eden, being a pearl (caucasian), wouldn’t last long. In the “combs”, race wars still exist. The darker your skin, the higher your social status. Eden is at the bottom of the ladder, with “Cottons”, albinos, being the only race below pearls.

Eden’s saving grace is that her father is a bio-engineer who works for one of the largest companies, run by one of the most powerful men...Ronson Bramford. It’s at Bramford’s company that Eden meets and starts a tryst with Jamal, the head of security. It’s during these clandestine meetings that Eden reveals to Jamal what her father and Bramford are working on. And what they are working on is explosive!

What I liked about this book: It was fast paced and hard to put down. I would have read it in one sitting except I really needed to get some sleep. The romance was steamy, I kept looking for opportunities for Eden and paramour to get together. I loved the setting of the rainforest and the Mayan/Aztec mythology.

What I didn’t like about the book: Eden! She was whiney and incredibly self-absorbed. There were times I wanted to ditch the book because of her. The story was predictable! It was a Globally warmed retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a healthy sermon on saving the planet. Eden spent a lot of time identifying plants and animals by it’s latin genus and species...which really felt out of place considering how shallow and self-absorbed Eden was.

I appear to be in the minority with my feelings on this book. Which is fine. I do know I won’t be exploring the rest of the books in this planned trilogy.

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