Sunday, January 1, 2012

December Wrap-Up and the end of 2011

Oh My Word...Another year is done. I ended up reading 225 books in 2011. Originally I was going to shoot for 110, but my buddy, and co-blogger, KristyZ, posted her goal of 125. Not to be outdone, I changed mine to 150...I can be a bit competitive! But so can she! Kristy changed her's to 170, I believe and I changed mine one last time to 200.  Ultimately we both hit our goal! YEA US!

This year I am resolving to read less and write more. My goal is only 150 this year and I started a YA novel in 2011 that I need to pick back up since the holidays are over.  In the meantime, here is what I read in December!

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ms. caboo said...

Good luck on your goal! I hope to hit what I read last year, but it would be great to do more. We shall see, since I hope to concentrate on many other things besides my beloved books.

Happy New Years!

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