Monday, November 21, 2011

Dusty Cover Monday - #5

It's Monday! That means it is time for our featured meme here on Novel Goddess, Dusty Covers! Basically Dusty Covers is an opportunity to reconnect with a favorite book releases from 6 months ago or longer or a book you've started and put down and need to finish-up.

My family and I decided to get rid of our satellite TV service...we were looking for ways to cut costs. But we are keeping our streaming Netflix! It was over the weekend that I stumbled on the first (and only) season of "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" based on the book series by Liz Braswell.  Over the course of the weekend I watched all 10 episodes.  When I saw that the show was going be on the ABC Family channel I decided to read the "omnibus" book which had all 3 in 1.  I got through the first book and put it aside.  Since I enjoyed the series, which wasn't renewed, I figured I should read the other two books in the series.  So that's my goal for this Dusty Cover Monday!

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