Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: What a Boy Needs

What a Boy Needs by Nyrae Dawn

Indie published June 2012

My Review: 4 Cherry Pepsi STARS!
What a Boy Needs is a companion novel to What a Boy Wants published in April 2012. That is where we first get to know Jaden and his friends, Sebastian, Aspen and Priscilla. I loved Sebastian's book and when I found out Nyrae Dawn was writing a book for Jaden I knew I would move mountains to read that book!

I love it when an author will tackle a hard issue that can affect teens today. Jaden's book is what I would call a bit heavier because it deals with one of those hard issues. Jaden is emotionally abused my his father. After years of constantly hearing that he is nothing and worthless, he totally believes it to be true. It has trickled down into his everyday dealings with his friends and his outlook on life. He cannot see how talented he is or how valued he is. That is the heavy part and although it is a major issue for Jaden, it doesn't dominate the book. He is still lovable, fun and has a sense of humor. There are many laugh out loud moments between Jaden and his friends: the Explorer door; dancing to I'm Sexy and I know It; Cheetos causing near accidents and Cherry Pepsi.

Thankfully Jaden's friends will not give up on him and insist he continue their summer plan of the Epic Adventure (road trip YO!) to New York to find their apartments for college. Along the way Jaden must learn to trust his friends and open up and share what has happened to him. He must discover who he is what he wants and what he needs. He is worthy of love and happiness. He needs Priscilla and his friends in his life. He is talented and will go far in life. Will Jaden open up his eyes, mind and heart to accept what he deserves. Are you willing to take the trip with Jaden and discover with him what a boy needs? It is one trip you don't want to miss.

Support an Indie author and buy What a Boy Needs and What a Boy Wants by Nyrae Dawn. The stories will grab hold and not let go until you've read the final word.

Just a note on these covers. It is very rare that the cover of a book really captures the character within the pages. These covers do just that! That is Sebastian and Jaden down to the piercings. I could sit and stare at these beautiful covers all day long!

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