Friday, June 1, 2012

Review: Bloodlust, Initiation, and Ritual


"Vampire Beach" Series by Alex Duval

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve read the first three books (out of 6) available in the “Vampire Beach” series. And while they do have continuity from one book to the next…they are relatively short and no one book seems to stand apart from any of the others, thus far.

The story centers around a family from the suburbs of Detroit who has moved to a small, gated community in Malibu, CA. The main character, Jason, befriends the police chief’s son, Adam, in addition to some of the “in” crowd. While at a party given by one of the popular kids, a classmate washes up on the beach, drained of blood. This is what points Jason and Adam to the vampires. This is the premise of the first book and the subsequent books all center around a mystery of some kind as well.

The pacing is pretty quick and the story reads and moves fairly fast. There isn’t a ton of character development…it’s more that we are dumped in on Jason’s first day at his new school and we learn as he learns. We do learn more about Jason’s past live in Detroit, when his BFF shows up on the doorstep during the second book.

One thing that just bothers me is the fact that there is a group of Vampires living on the beach…just seems counter to everything Stoker ever wrote. Yes, I know, that’s the beauty of creating a book, you can do what you want in your world! It just seems weird to me, that’s all.

If you like a little mystery with your vampires…this series is for you. If you like a quick, easy, fun beach read, then this is for you!

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