Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review: Ever My Merlin

Ever My Merlin
Ever My Merlin by Priya Ardis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GoodReads Synopsis: The end of the world. The day of reckoning. The final battle.

In the last chapter of the My Merlin Series, it is a time of great strife for Arriane (aka Ryan) and Merlin (aka Matt) as they struggle to stem the flood of destruction unleashed upon the world. Their only hope rests in the one object that can restore their greatest ally: the Healing Cup.

With every scrap of life hanging in the balance, Ryan must convince both friends and enemies that the key to survival rests in the plans of a sword-toting girl of only eighteen. She must reconcile a fifteen-hundred-year rivalry between two brothers, and be ruthless enough to break a heart—and a life—in the process. And at some point, she really needs to get herself to Prom.

My Thoughts: WOW! What a roller coaster ride!

This installment is a total and complete race against time to save the world as we know it. Matt, as usual, thinks he has all the answers. But his judgement is clouded by his jealousy and anger. Ryan, thankfully, is the voice of reason, and is able to perceive things that Matt just can’t bring himself to see. Vane, meanwhile, remains his rather arrogant self…arrogant or not, his love has no bounds where Ryan is concerned.

Priya Ardis has written a very satisfying conclusion to a wonderful story that had something for everyone! Yes, there is an element of romance, but there is so much more. Global, cataclysmic events, duels, history, mythology, at one time I felt like I was reading an episode of “The Amazing Race”, and the prize at the end was saving the world and it’s inhabitants. Ardis has a wonderful voice and her attention to detail as well as history is amazing! I can’t recommend this story enough to everyone, but especially to those who love anything having to do with magic, Camelot, fantasy, history, and mythology! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Priya Ardis for a wonderful series that is now an all-time favorite! I look forward to re-visiting Matt, Ryan, and Vane many times in the years to come…and I will be anxiously awaiting whatever you choose to write in the future…Yours Truly, a Forever Fan!

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