Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: The Marked

The Marked
The Marked by Inara Scott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Marked picks up a very short time after “The Candidates” finished. Danica is being initiated into “The Program” and will be starting her training. It’s during the initiation that she finds out there is a group of people who are out to cause damage to The Program.

As Dancia continues her training she learns more about the “The Program” and the group they are fighting against. With that knowledge things become shades of gray rather than the “black and white” rules that those who head The Program would have her think. This really throws a wrench into Dancia’s relationship with Cam! While on the Freshman Campout, catastrophic events take place that no one may recover from.

The Marked was so much better than The Candidates. Now that Dancia was in the program and training the story moved along at a much faster rate and there was so much more action and adventure. Dancia gets drug through the wringer in her training which makes for interesting moments of self-doubt and feelings of betrayal. I would have been disappointed if Dancia suddenly became “superhero” and had magically and totally come to terms with her abilities. She is still her insecure self, but is becoming more secure.

I loved the integration of the “Seattle Gang” and that Jack has not totally disappeared from the story. He provides the much needed “jiminy cricket” voice for Dancia who really does want to go along blindly, unquestioningly, with Cam. Ignorance can be bliss…and Jack just refuses to let Dancia go there. Cam also really does need that voice of reason as much, if not more than Dancia.

Really a fantastic follow up to “The Candidates”, actually, a better follow-up! Can’t wait to see what happens following that cliffhanger!

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