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Review: Graffiti Moon

Graffiti Moon
Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lucy is in love! Only problem, she’s in love with a graffiti artist know as “Shadow”. Lucy would give anything to find Shadow…she’s convinced that she truly knows him through his art. Lucy is an artist too, only she works with glass.

One night, Lucy and her friends meet up with Leo, Ed, and Dylan. They claim to know Shadow and promise to take Lucy to where he will be later in the evening. Only problem…Lucy knows Ed, he took her out on her one and only date, which ended with her breaking his nose!

While looking for Shadow, Ed and Lucy spend a lot of time discussing Shadow’s art and the work of other artists…they soon discover they have more in common than their first date ever uncovered.

This tale is told in shifting perspectives…at times when Ed is done with his side of the story, Lucy’s picks up and rehashes what we just read from Ed. I thought that reiteration was redundant since we didn’t learn anything earth shattering from the new perspective. That would be my only complaint with this book!

Lucy and Ed both see the beauty in the world around them. Ed is compelled to paint and Lucy to blow glass. One of the things I did enjoy was when the characters referenced an artist or piece of work. I always have to go see it online so I can see what it is they talking about. In this work, a couple of my favorite artists were discussed which always adds to the appeal! My only wish was that I could have seen Shadow’s work! It sounded so fascinating and while Crowley does a beautiful job of describing the work, I know my mind’s eye isn’t as good at rendering it. I would have really loved to see Lucy’s bottles too!

It’s amazing how much can happen to two people in one night. There was some fantastic and snarky dialog between Ed and Lucy as they worked through their first date and Ed’s subsequent nose breaking. I love good snark and Cath Crowley had it in spades! This was a fun and funny read! I would really like to read more from Crowley in the future!

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