Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review: Because of Low

Because of Low by Abbi Glines

published February 7, 2012

My Review:

Once again I cannot give enough praise for an Abbi Glines novel. Yes, I am a big, HUGE fan of her books! When Because of Low released a few days early, I was downloading and reading it within minutes of discovering my good fortune. I read the book from cover-to-cover in one sitting. Yes, my family suffered but it was for a good cause! ;)

We are first introduced to Marcus Hardy in Abbi's first novel Breathe. He is friends with Sadie, but quickly falls for her. Unfortunately, Sadie falls in love with Jax Stone and there is no competing with that hot rocker when he is determined! Marcus moves on and is doing well in college when his family is dealt a blow that threatens their comfortable family unit. Marcus moves home to be closer to his mom and sister...basically to be the strong one they can lean on. It is the move into Cage's apartment that literally opens the door to true love for Marcus. On his second day in the apartment he opens the door to find Low (Willow) Foster on the door step looking up at him with her beautiful green eyes and flaming red hair. It is an instant spark for Marcus.

Marcus and Low grow in their relationship, but it is all the outside factors that begins to take their toll and break them down. Can they survive it all? Believe me there are a lot of people and issues trying to keep them apart.

This novel has all the elements of a great contemporary read. The build up to the relationship, the hotness of the relationship, the set back, the devastating blow that no one sees coming, and finally the growth and strength to make a change. That is what kept me turning pages one after the other until I was at the end and happy, yet sad it was over. That is what we get when we read an Abbi Glines novel!

Four point five flaming red stars with green eyes! :) 4.5 STARS!!

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