Friday, July 27, 2012

Review: Romeo Redeemed

Romeo Redeemed
Romeo Redeemed by Stacey Jay

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Romeo was plucked out of the end of “Juliet Immortal” and asked by Juliet’s nurse and Ambassador of Light, if he wanted a chance to redeem himself. If so, he would have 3 days in an alternate reality, where he would be back in the body of Dylan Stroud and he would have to get Ariel to “believe in love”. Which might be kind of tough considering the bet he had with his friends. Romeo jumps at the chance for redemption.

This book, like Juliet Immortal, had flashbacks to 1300’s Verona…and Juliet waking up in her tomb with the wicked Friar waiting for her. Which totally contradicted the end of Juliet Immortal…it was confusing and frustrating.

Outside of the aforementioned contradiction, I liked Romeo Redeemed. I love stories of redemption and let’s face it, Romeo was dripping with charm! It would be hard for anyone to resist him…*swoon*. Where all that charm could have been very smarmy, it turned out very sincere as Romeo realized he was falling for Arial and that his love for her is what was driving him and all his decisions. He was totally redeemed for me!

Arial I was not a fan of. I would have like to better understand how she could have such a huge impact on either side. She was a little too fragile and whiny! The speed at which she would believe the worst about Romeo made my faith in her dwindle to nothing. I guess I don’t care for characters with no spine and Arial had no backbone what so ever.

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