Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eona by Allison Goodman

EONA by Allison Goodman
Publisher: Penguin Group
Release Date: 4/19/11
Pages: 637
Grade: A

Eona picks up right where EON left off. Eona has made it know to the true Emperor, Kygo, that Lord Eon is really Lady Eona and the Emperor has 12 days to challenge his Uncle for the Throne. But to do that, Kygo, must gather the resistance fighters and Eona must learn to control her dragon. Lord Ido, the evil Rat Dragoneye, is the only surviving Dragoneye, and he is jailed, so they must break him out so Eona can learn to control her dragon.

There is so much going on in this story, there is the impending war, avoiding detection while trying to meet with the resistance, two love triangles, magic, fighting dragons, families reunited, friends lost and found, politics, honor/morality issues, made for a real swashbuckling adventure that I found impossible to put down...starting and finishing the book all in the same day.  I have so many library patrons that ask for strong central female characters and I will be pointing them in the direction of this series.

Allison Goodman has such a vivid imagination. She was juggling so many plot points and still managed not to lose anything.  All the loose ends were neatly tied up and while everything indicates that this series will only be the two books, I think there was enough room left for a third, if not, the ending of Eona was beautiful and left sappy, old me with tears running down my face.

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